PE Foil

Polyethylene foils are popular packaging product for protection of goods, they’re colorless, semitransparent or clear, odorless and tasteless, they’re resistant to damage by humidity, salt and common chemicals. They have long service life, they’re flexible, they easily weld and shrink by heat and they’re resistant to low temperatures and humidity. Most of the foils are suitable for printing after ionization and it’s possible to make foils of various colors by adding colorful pigments. Non-slip foils are made for simple packaging while sliding foils enable easy manipulation and are mainly used for the production of plastic bags.

PE foils are harmless, 100% recyclable, inert waste is also suitable for waste-to-energy process, isn’t toxic and isn’t harmful towards the environment. As a packaging material PE foils meet the requirements of the Packaging act 477/2001 Coll.