Our packaging / Your quality

We are offering a complex product range and consultancy in the area of packaging materials

Our packaging / Your quality

Our team of trained sales representatives designs new solutions in the field of packaging

Our packaging / Your quality

We keep developing and innovating the packaging solutions so they would bring measurable profit to our customers

Our packaging / Your quality

We are introducing the market with new packaging material that haven’t been used yet

Our packaging / Your quality

We are environment-friendly and we offer a take-back of packaging waste

Our packaging / Your quality

We reduce the packaging and by that we are lessening our environmental impact

Our packaging / Your quality

Together with customers we create harmonious units and mutual partnership


Individual customer approach

Solution suggestions for your business

Complexity of packaging materials

Complete solution suggestion


PE Foil

Stretch foil

Packaging tapes

Polyolefin films

Polypropylene films

Bubble foil

Foam polyethylene rolls

Anti-corrosion Film

Cardboard and paper packaging

Trapping tapes

Technical tapes

Packaging machines




IATF norm for car industry

The management of our company declared the politics of heading towards the gaining of completion of the ISO 9001 norm with the IATF 16949 norm for car industry.