Anti-corrosion Film

Packaging systems ZERUST will solve your problems with corrosion and increase profitability of your business by lowering running costs, increasing revenues and increasing your customers’ satisfaction.

The ZERUST team of distinguished scientists and experts all over the world make sure our protective products are the most reliable, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

The ZERUST team of technicians exploits knowledge and experience acquired over several decades which enable us to:

  • identify and solve the cause of corrosion our customers are having problems with
  • eliminate inefficient methods connected with manipulation and packaging of material
  • design optimal packaging solution with corrosion inhibitors
  • ensure thorough service to customers in more then 40 countries around the world

The natural process of metal ageing

Generally, corrosion is a process initiated by exposure of metal surface to moisture in the air. This moisture conducts flow of electrons between cathodic and anodic areas on the metal surface, which is an electro-chemical process resulting in visible oxidation, loss of gloss, corrosion or rust.