Shrink Films


Width of the film 150 - 1.600 mm
Maximum circumference of the roll 3.200 mm
Thickness of the film 0,018 - 0,225 mm
Standard weight of film on the roll 25 - 28 kg
Usual weight of film on extra wide rolls 100 kg
Rolls with different specifications can be made on request


Single-layer PE film with excellent shrinkability, longitudinal as well as transversal, ideal for bundle packaging of a wide range of products – bricks, drinks, furniture parts, food etc.

Its strength can be increased by adding high-quality tested materials in a carefully controlled process.


Three-layer PE film with excellent characteristics given by co-extrusion in state-of-the-art machines – strong shrinkability, perfect seal, extreme strength, high transparency and gloss – and all that as a standard!
Its properties can also be improved by influencing the characteristics of each layer individually, e.g. 1st layer slippery, 2nd layer strengthened, 3rd layer roughened.

TRIDEX film presents efficient solution for minimizing the amount of used packaging
. Its qualities allow much thinner film then in case of single-layer materials. Further costs are reduced in logistics, with smaller bulks of goods to handle, store and transport.
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