Anti-corrosion Film

Zerust Film

Zerust Film is available in a range of products as flat films, slit tubing or tubing.

Zerust Bags

Zerust Bags can be wrapped around components or line the inside of a whole box.

Zerust Stretch film

Zerust Stretch films offer reliable method of wrapping goods and providing anti-corrosion protection in one.

Zerust Skin film

Zerust Skin film provides firm fixation of a component onto a cardboard backing finished with Zerust technology.

Shrink Film Zerust

Zerust Shrink Film provides protection against corrosion and increases packaging integrity.

Paper Zerust Abrigo

Paper Zerust Abrigo is a top-quality technical VCI paper without the usual inefficiencies of a regular VCI paper.

Zerust Bubble Wrap

Zerust Bubble Wrap protects goods from mechanical damage as well as from corrosion.

Unico Zerust Foam Sheeting

Unico Zerust Foam Sheeting protects goods from mechanical damage as well as from corrosion.

Zerust Cardboard

Zerust Cardboard can be made especially for boxes offering anti-corrosion protection.

Zerust Vapour Capsules

Zerust Vapour Capsules increase protection from corrosion inside metal boxes, such as electrical or electronic boxes.

Zerust Sheeting

Zerust Sheeting for product separation applications is an ideal replacement of corrugated cardboard – it offers higher anti-corrosion protection and is reusable.

Zerust Profile Board

Zerust Profile Board is durable, customizable according to the components they hold and reusable for long term.