Europlast Packaging Machines Shrinkwrap Machines

Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machines

Designed especially for packaging consumer goods, stationery, textiles, food, etc.

Material used for packaging is heat shrink film slit tubing (semi-sleeve) - PVC, PP, POF or PE. These machines are available in various sizes depending on dimensions of packaged products.


Combining film sealing with consequent shrinking of the film around packaged goods, this machine produces compact film packaging.
Material used for packaging is PVC, PP or POF film. The machine takes up very little space, has low operating costs and comes at a very competitive price.
Sealing time, shrinking time and temperature inside the tunnel are smoothly adjustable. The standard is equipped with electro-magnetically held chamber hood.

The standard version also includes:
  • Triple film perforators for easy shrinking
  • Height-adjustable rack inside the chamber
  • Casters with brake

Max. machine capacity is 5-6 cycles / min.

Easy operation:
Operator inserts packaged object in between the films, moves the package into the shrinking chamber and closes the hood. Sealing and shrinking of the film takes place automatically. The time when the hood is held closed by electromagnet can be used for preparation of the next package.


Carton Sealing Machines

For sealing cartons with self-adhesive tapes (paper or plastic). The carton is sealed in the centre of the box on the lower as well as upper side.

Main features:
  • High capacity (up to 23 m / min.)
  • Patented silent unwinding tape
  • Low operating costs
  • Easy to use
  • Highly aesthetic method of packaging
  • Powered by 230V/50Hz

LPK-205 – automatic (electro-pneumatic drive)

Automatic adjusting to various carton sizes. Three modes of upper sealing unit movement. Memory for the last carton size.

LPK-208 – semi-automatic (electrical)

Automatic flap closure. Manual carton size adjustment.
LPK-205 – automatic

LPK-205 – automatic

LPK-208 – semi-automatic

LPK-208 – semi-automatic

Automatic machines and shrink tunnels

Automatic Packaging Machine - SMT-100 Series

In the basic model they are designed especially for packaging goods such as books, magazines, cardboard boxes, cables, textiles or other industrial products.

Thanks to fully electronic control system they can be used in automatic production lines as well as for manual operation packaging. Can be also adapted for bundle packaging, e.g. for bundling PET bottles, jars, cans, etc.

SMT packers are equipped with maintenance-free permanently heated sealers and digital regulation of welding temperature.

Industrial Shrink Tunnels - SMT-105 Series

To shrinkwrap film around packaged goods. SMT-105 tunnels are equipped with EXTRA JET technology providing more effective air circulation inside the tunnel in order to lower the energy consumption of the process while maintaining high shrinking performance.

Standard features:
  • soft conveyor speed regulation
  • digital regulation of temperature inside the chamber
  • cooling device at outlet

All machines in this series
are supplied with modifications to customer's specifications - at minimum or no extra costs (e.g. shape adjustments, outputs for controlling other appliances, etc.)


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