Multi-layer polyolefin shrink films meet the requirements for high performance packaging material – they provide goods with attractive appearance and maximum protection. They replace PVC films.

Polyolefin films have first-class visual properties and transparency which accentuate appearance of the packed goods and make them more attractive for customers. Thanks to unique mechanical qualities, these films are the only packaging material suitable for individual and bundle packaging of goods of the most varied shapes.

Three to five layers of polyolefin film offer higher protection from air, increasing the shelf life of food. Outstanding stability at extreme temperatures (-40°C to +150°C) makes this film practical for packing frozen foods.

Flat films or semi-sleeves (slit tubing) are available at wide range of dimensions. Perforated or printed on request.

Polyolefin films are universal packaging material suitable for manual, semi-automatic or high-speed automatic packaging.

Ideal for individual or bundle packaging of food and other products, such as cosmetics, toys, stationery, confectionery, chemicals for households, etc. Suitable for thermofusion welding.

Thickness µ 12; 15; 19; 25
Mass density g/cm3 0,912
Inner diameter mm 76
Film width mm 180 - 1830
Gusseted film width mm 180 - 750
Loose shrinkage at 120°C % 57/57
Vapour condensing % < 2,6
Gloss % > 85
Shrinking temperature °C 120 - 180
Puncture resistance kJ/m 90 - 160