Polypropylene films

Available in all modifications including print and ready-made bags:

- transparent
- pearl and white
- metallized

- treated with corona for print, varnish, slip additives, etc.
- untreated


Width 40 - 1.600 mm
Thickness 20, 25, 30, 40, 48 - 50 µm
Width of rolls with larger diameter up to 1,000 mm (core 76 mm)

Polypropylene films

Other polypropylene films we offer are:
  • CPP non-oriented polypropylene films – excellent for pastry bags
  • BOPP single-layer – without welding properties – used for wrapping flowers

Co-extruded, multi-layered and both sides heat sealable, polypropylene film has outstanding physical properties offering almost universal use.

Main features:

  • good welding properties
  • high transparency and gloss
  • great moisture barrier
  • strength
  • excellent for printing

Its qualities make polypropylene film especially suitable for packaging:

  • all types of sweets and pastry
  • dried fruits, nuts and vegetables
  • certain types of spices
  • product for hygiene (tissues, napkins, soaps)
  • bulk and bundle packaging (tea, CD boxes), etc.

It is often used with vertical as well as horizontal packaging machines. Adhesive laminating with other polymers can substantially improve its qualities (eliminate brittleness, increase vapour barrier, etc.)

Laminating films for graphic arts

What are they?

LMT films are BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films coated with adhesive activated by heat and pressure, usually on a paper base with or without print.

LMS films are BOPP films without adhesive – they are used by applying a layer of liquid adhesive (which will also be heated) on the film and by pressing it onto a paper base.

LMT films are basically LMS films coated with 12µm layer of special adhesive.
One side of the films is finished for print or varnishing.

Variations and codes

Both LMT and LMS types of films are available as:
  • glossy
  • matte
  • embossed /raised work/
  • holographic

LMT are generally supplied as 24µm in gloss and 27µm in matte (there might be exceptions).

are 12µm in gloss and 15µm in matte.

Available widths are based on print sheet size - from 300 mm to 1,120 mm.
Rolls come as 3,000 mm long and approx. 900 mm wide (depending on supplier), packed individually in cardboard.
LMT price is given per square meter, the price of LMS per kilogram or square meter.

G after hyphen = glossy, K = matte. LMS is only supplied by EVI.
BOPP 0000x0,024 SAN-G/LMT
BOPP 000x0,015 EVI-K/LMS
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