Polyethylene Films

Polyethylene Films Europlast

PE films are among the most commonly used packaging materials safe for human use. Extremely durable and with excellent welding and shrinking properties, they are resistant to weather conditions, can be easily printed on and are also highly resistant towards chemicals. PE films are easy to recycle and belong among the most economical packaging materials.

What makes us different

  • We offer a full range of products and advice in the area of packaging materials.
  • Our team of qualified sales representatives design new possibilities in packaging solutions.
  • We are constantly developing and innovating packaging solutions for greater effectivity and more satisfied clients.
  • We introduce to the market new and innovative packaging materials.
  • Our company is environmentaly friendly - you may return packaging waste to us for recycling.
  • By reducing the packaging we help to protect the environment.
  • We believe in establishing a close relationship with our clients.


02. 08. 2010

Career in Europlast

We are looking for new sale assistants / product specialists. For more information about available positions with us see Careers.
17. 07. 2010

Registered Trademark Certificates

We have added downloadable copies of our Certificates of Registration of Europlast, Eurex and Tridex as registered trade marks into Certificates.
24. 06. 2010

Our new website has been launched!

We have just launched the new web presentation of Europlast, s.r.o. Now you can browse through our products and services connected with highest quality packaging materials and follow our news. We are looking forward to partnership with you!
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Transport Packaging

Transport Packaging
This division supplies packaging films for transportation of palletised or bulk wrapped goods. Our products include stretch films and bags, stretch-hood films and heat shrink films for packaging food and non-food products, such as PET bottled water, flour, briquettes or plastic tubes.

Consumer Packaging

Consumer Packaging
For direct packaging of consumer products. These are especially packaging materials made from LDPE, HDPE, BOPP, CPP, AL, PET, PA, paper and various combinations of these, including print on central drum press. This type of packaging is designated especially for the food industry, but it also offers packaging materials for printing houses, cardboard makers, packaging companies, etc.

Anti-corrosion Film

Anti-corrosion Film
Special range of packaging materials used mainly for overseas transportation or transportation of materials sensitive to weather conditions and air moisture.


Design and sale of packaging machines and other devices according to customer requirements or type of packaged goods. We offer various types of machines, from manual and semi-automatic to fully automatic which may be fitted into production lines. Everything from design to complete after-sale service.
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