Polyethylene films are colourless, semi-transparent to clear (may be coloured by adding colour pigments), flavourless and odourless, and they do not change in contact with water, salt and common chemicals. They are durable, cheap, flexible, easy to weld and shrink with heat, resistant to moisture and freezing temperatures. After ionization, most films are suitable for printing. They are made either as non-slippery for simple packaging or as slippery for easier manipulation, especially as sachets or bags.

PE films are safe for human use and 100% recyclable, inert waste may be used as power source, and they are non-toxic and harmless to the environment.

PE films are a packaging material conforming to the Act No. 477/2001 Sb. (Packaging Act).

Our films as they are wound on the roll:

Polyethylene Films Europlast

  • Film
  • Slit tubing (Semi-sleeve)
  • Tubing (Sleeve)
  • Centre slit tubing
  • Side slit gusseted tubing
  • Centre slit gusseted tubing
  • Gusseted tubing

Further information about PE films: