Paper programme

Carton, sometimes also called paperboard, is paper with higher basis weight manufactured from several layers, usually of different fibre compositions.
Carton is manufactured from mostly recycled materials (up to 90 %) and is fully recyclable and reusable as secondary raw material.

Our paper products do not contain any harmful substances or forbidden chemicals and conform to the Act No. 477/2001 Sb. (Packaging Act).

Paper programme

Double-wall corrugated carton

Progressive packaging material manufactured by pasting a layer of corrugated paper onto a smooth layer.

Ideal for packaging sensitive and fragile goods, to be used as a protection by furniture makers, cut-to-size elements are used as backing, protection or padding into bundling or transport packages.
Available in rolls 110 or 150m long, with widths cut as tracking parallel lines from a roll 2100 mm wide (i.e. 1050, 1400+700, 900+450+450+300, etc.)

Box and suitcase cardboard

Un-bleached solid cardboard with thickness 1.1 – 3 mm, usually made from recycled paper.

Paperboard is used especially in furniture industry, as a base for upholstering, cushioning, manufacturing of boxes and wraps, for books, chests and cases. It is available in various types of finish according to its purpose (calendering, waxing, varnishing, pasting, lamination, print, etc.)


Paperboard with outstanding properties made by pasting together 2-5 layers of paperboard on various fibre bases. Calendered and trimmed layered paperboard is used especially in furniture industry.

Carton edges (edge protectors)

Solid cardboard edge protectors made from compressed carton and cardboard.
Reusable and fully recyclable, they are used for reinforcement and protection of palletized goods.

Dimensions in mm Thickness in mm
30 × 30 2 - 4
35 × 35 2 - 5
40 × 40 2 - 5
42 × 42 2 - 5
45 × 45 2 - 5
50 × 50 2 - 5
55 × 55 2 - 5
60 × 60 2 - 6
80 × 80 3 - 6
100 × 100 3 - 5

Paper products

A wide range of dimensions and designs:
  • Wrapping paper – parchment replacement, wood-pulp Havana type, grey unbleached, tissue wrapping paper, thin recycled paper, Kraft sulphate paper, superior bleached, wax paper, etc.
  • Paper bags and sachets, also available printed.
  • Paper with polyethylene layer – for food, bandage, etc., also available printed.
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