Packaging tapes for sealing carton

Self-adhesive packaging tapes are ideal for sealing carton or joining plastic films.
By creating the perfect combination of film backing and adhesive there can be found the best solution for any application.

Basic colours: brown (Havana), transparent, white.

Packaging Tapes


  • BOPP – Biaxially oriented polypropylene
  • Paper


  • Hotmelt – ideal price-performance ratio, excellent adhesion to most materials
  • Solvent – demanding applications – fixing PE films
  • Acrylate – UV resistant

Plastic printed tapes – 1 to 3 colours

Tapes for hand packaging:

Width of tape 25, 38, 38, 75 mm
Length 66 mm

Tapes for machine packaging:

Width of tape 48 mm
Length 990 m

Hand-held adhesive tape dispensers

Simple hand-held dispenser for PP adhesive tapes 48 (50) or 75 mm wide in the standard version, or with a brake for optimal unwinding.

Special adhesive tapes strengthened with special or glass fibres

PVC adhesive tape transversally or sinusoidally strengthened with fibres – in dark brown colour. Excellent especially for sealing heavy packages exposed to strong impacts or falls during transport.

Filament PP adhesive tape with added fibreglass with high tensile strength – transparent.
Consistent in cut.

Ideal for:
  • bundling and strapping heavy goods
  • pallet unitising
  • sealing and reinforcing packages
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